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Thread: TomTom One V4 (second edition)

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    TomTom One V4 (second edition)

    I have flased the above tom tom with navcore SE 9.101 and with latest maps for the UK with ALG compatability.

    All good at first and most things worked but when i try to navigate to street and house number the tom tom freezes then reboots.

    this did not seem to happen when i had the model set to x50 in model.txt, but after i changed it to xls that is when the problems happened and i forgot to change it back.

    i have given the tomtom back to my brother now who lives in london and i am in the north and i have explained that if he changes the model back to x50 it should be ok.

    i cannot tell him how to identify what model the tomtom is set to at present because i do not now the differences between the two for sure, the only thing i noticed when in xls mode was that there was a google button present in the menu screens but maybe that was there in the x50 mode and i just didn't notice.

    thx in advance
    the ninja
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    Re: TomTom One V4 (second edition)

    Quote Originally Posted by biggerdave View Post
    Why not get him to send it back up to you (seeing as it's not working anyway) and you can fix it for him?
    Or use the power of TeamViewer ...
    rgds jarkita
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    Re: TomTom One V4 (second edition)

    Try renaming the file mapsettings.cfg to mapsettings.cfg1 in the folder of map

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