Hi can anyone give any advice please??
i have a GO 550 live and all has been working fine up to last week. i had a cracked Navcore, new cracked UK map and HD traffic working.
(Cracked Navcore 9.11.516023.2; OS 515773, GPS 1.20; Boot 5.5259< UK map 875.3613)
My HD traffic expired so i updated it. next day all HD traffic services stopped working. the only way to get them working is to revert back to the original installation (ie. 1 year old Map and original un-cracked navcore)

Is there a way of using a cracked map, navcore and voices etc with the HD traffic working or are am i stuck with old maps and voices etc.

It was all working until i renewed subscription.

any help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks