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Thread: 2DIN GPS

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    2DIN GPS

    Okay, threw wondering all over the world in search
    of my question and picking up info here and there.

    I now have tomtom on my 2din, and it works great.

    No real problems to report as of now, and I have not
    tried patching, voice,cams and all the extra stuff you
    can add to it. It is just the basic tomtom with the
    updated map.

    I would have expected a little more help out of this
    forum than what I got. It's like anyone here who
    has figured it out, don't want to share the info, they-
    just want people to help fix the problems they have
    when running tomtom. The guides are so incomplete
    on here, that it's a joke.

    I will post a complete guide from start to finish with
    all the correct steps that I took to get it to work. I
    just have to narrow down the exact steps that I used
    to get it to work, instead of all the guessing that I did.

    My mind is trashed as of now, but I will post a
    step by step guide soon.
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