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Thread: Success story and Thankyou

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    Success story and Thankyou

    Hi All

    Just successfully updated mt go730 to latest maps, patched navcore and added speedcams and POI.

    For anyone else new to the Forum (like me) how did I do it...

    1 Spent a full weekend just reading every relavant thread I could find on what I wanted to do.
    2 Took lots of notes
    3 Joined and subscribed to a download site
    4 Resisted the urge to ask questions that had already been asked numerous times
    6 Backed up device before even attemting anything
    7 Stayed with tried and tested original navcore and checked tables for compatabiliity. Experiment with others when bit more competant.
    8 Took my time
    9 Succeeded.

    All the information I needed was here, it just took time to find it but very grateful to all the people who spend their time compiling this info for the benifit of everyone else.

    So there we go, just thought I would post this so other beginners know it is possible on your first attempt and enjoy everything that the forum has to offer and once again thankyou to all involved.


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    Re: Success story and Thankyou

    And obviously used search, glad you managed, just goes to show that it can be done with a little bit of effort.

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    Cool Re: Success story and Thankyou

    I'm in the same boat as spike, spent the day reading everything. The all important backup, and not quite getting it the first couple of times, and then success. I started with a rider 2 that I picked up on fleabay for cheap with the intention of just updating the maps. Thanks to everyone in this forum I now have a rider 2 upgraded with rider 3 software, navcore updated from 7.9 to 9.2, and a sd card thats 4gb instead of 2gb.

    Thanks again everyone,

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