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Thread: Why PM us when there is a forum here?

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    Why PM us when there is a forum here?

    There maybe a few of you that cannot be bothered to read the threads, post questions in the right area etc.

    When I was over in Slovakia a few weeks ago, I received 63 PMs from people (not just from this site) for help. In every case, the answer/solution was already on the forum from which the PM originated.

    OK, so a few of us can sort out the problems easily enough. I am not working for free. If you deem it necessary to send a PM to help you, please bear in mind that if you cannot be bothered to read the relevant threads/posts, I cannot be bothered to work for free!!!

    Seriously, if you want work undertaken, better ask via moderators, but I am available at a price. Lesser units like Start are more expensive than GO's. Minimum cost is £20 plus p+p

    Hopefully, you do not object to this. I am applying my own austerity package. It is free to read and learn, but if you want it doing for you, I charge.

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