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Thread: TomTom XL 340TM and Navicores updates, Help?

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    TomTom XL 340TM and Navicores updates, Help?

    I recently bought a TomTom XL 340 TM to replace my laggy TomTom one v3.
    It's running 9.151 navcore, with a 64mb Ram and 2 GB space. It also comes with a lifetime USA, Canada map update code which i will use later.
    Thanks to this forum and numerous super experts here, I had a great time with my Tomtom one and loved the updated maps and cool OS (aka navcore) i found here. I loved what it could do but it lags so much to a point i feel it's dangerous to drive with it. So I bought this new GPS when i saw a sale.

    I bought this TomTom XL 340 TM new, its not the most updated product, i know, but it comes with traffic and maps. The problem is that i really hate the operating navcore. It's plain, and its oversimplified to my needs, and i hate the TTS voice. So here come the questions:

    1. Can I update the navcore to something more customized like tomtom Via and still enjoy the lifetime map update (i have a piece of paper with a activation code. and don't want to void that by twigging my device if possible)? Can i twig the device and still use MyTomTom to update my maps online? (i mean, it's easier just to update the maps from their website since i've paid for it). I might still come here for maps for other countries if i travel.

    2. If so, which navicore work best with a well customized interface(i.e. traffic update frequency, more route planning options)

    3. I've never changed a TTS voice. Can I replace the spanish TTS with another better sounding voice? since i don't speak spanish at all.

    4. I wish the device can announce the side of the street that the destination is on too if possible!
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