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Thread: Can I use someone elses backup?

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    Can I use someone elses backup?

    Hi i'm a newbie her and a bit of a novice but was wondering if this would work.
    I have the tt xl2, running a bit out of date now, afriend has exactly the same model but pays for newer map versions. If he does a backup, and i delete my tt would his backup give me an updated version with the newer maps?
    My tt xl2 is running
    APP 9.401.8662279.103 os 1000
    (1021. 15/2/12)
    32mb Ram (free 32mb)
    GPS v1.02 Boot 1.0012
    Map UK & ROI v845 2645
    Language English UK

    This would give me a very simple way of updating without downloading new maps and patching navcores etc.
    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Can I use someone elses backup?

    This can work. You'll have to remove your friends private files from backup (mapsettings at least) and patch navcore and map anyway
    rgds jarkita
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    Re: Can I use someone elses backup?

    As jarkita says, it should work. Here is a general guide for anyone wanting to activate someone else's backup:

    1) Delete any .dct files in the map folder
    2) Delete the mapsettings.cfg file in the map folder
    3) Delete the ttgo.bif file from the root of the device
    4) Either copy paste your own ttgo.bif file from your backup, or unplug your TomTom and power it on before the next step - in order to create your new ttgo.bif file
    5) Run the latest version of FastActivate Premium from the root of the device, selecting each of the 4 buttons from left to right
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