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Thread: Help Please, Before I throw My Tom Tom XL Away

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    Help Please, Before I throw My Tom Tom XL Away

    Can anyone tell me which is the newest navcore and western europe map that will work on my Tom Tom One XL 32mb Ram.
    I have tried allsorts without any luck.
    I'm sick of downloading this and that only to find 'map not found' message or 'this map will not work on this device' message.
    I am totally ticked off with my device !! GRRRR !


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    Re: Help Please, Before I throw My Tom Tom XL Away

    You need to carefully read this tutorial:

    TUTORIAL: Clean Install - How to install the latest map and navcore from scratch!

    You can either follow the steps precisely and get the latest OFFICIAL navcore for your particular model, or you can try a well tested navcore for your device - the 8.562 SE.
    NOTE: The 8.562 SE navcore allows your device to use full featured maps with IQ routes and ALG. Whereas the official navcore for the ONE XL is under version 8.2xx, so it will not give you these options.
    Getting the "latest" possible navcore doesn't mean the "best". For me, the best means the one that works the fastest, smoothest, with no lag. That's why I'm recommending this navcore for the ONE XL:

    8.562 SE Navcore for 32Mb ONE models

    If you are going to use this SE navcore, then just skip the steps where you download the navcore from TomTom HOME, and instead copy paste the whole navcore directly to your TomTom, then proceed with the rest of the tutorial.

    Regarding the map you are after, the following maps are available, depending on which navcore you decide to go with:

    For the OFFICIAL navcore from TomTom HOME, use any of these maps with basic features:

    Western_Europe_885_4010 - 1836.3mb

    Western_Europe_1GB_885_4058 - 1100.5mb

    Europe_West_885_4010 - 1303.1mb

    Europe_West_885_4058 - 1210.6mb

    Europe_West_885_4059 - 1148.1mb

    Europe_1GB_West_885_4058 - 774.9mb

    For the 8.562 SE navcore, use any of these full featured maps:

    Western_Europe_885_4055 - 1807.4mb

    Europe_West_885_4009 - 1408.3mb

    Use FastActivate Premium to activate the map and patch everything - just follow the tutorial.
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