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Thread: Deleting some NA states only

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    Deleting some NA states only

    Hi, I used a bunch of search terms but could not find the answer. Read tutorials, FAQs...
    I'm trying to make space in my One 3rd edition (limited to 1GB) by removing some US states I don't need maps for,
    to add some European countries that I'll be visiting. I got the new maps and believe they're activated correctly, just need to make some space on the device, without losing the US stated I visit frequently.

    How can I split the NA maps and remove some selected states??
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    Re: Deleting some NA states only

    Quote Originally Posted by 4mygps View Post
    How can I split the NA maps and remove some selected states??
    No, you cannot edit the maps.
    Just make a complete backup of your device with the USA map installed.
    Then before you go overseas, remove the USA map, install the new map you need, activate it with FastActivate and save that backup too. Follow these simple steps:
    7 simple steps to update your device with the latest map

    To restore your USA map, just remove the other map and copy paste the USA map from your backup into your TomTom drive.
    Remember the complete backup you made can also be used to restore your device.
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