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Thread: Trouble updating maps on Go 720

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    Trouble updating maps on Go 720

    Ok, I've done all the reading I can possibly do. I'm too confused to go any further at this point.

    I've loaded this navcore: Best NavCore for Go x10, Go x20 and Go x30

    And I'm trying to use Australian maps 885.4022 and 885.4095 (and I'd be happy to get either of those working).

    In the FAQ guides that I've found, it says I need to use EasyUseTools. Well, every link seems to be broken for that. I found a copy on TPB, but in the readme it seems to have no support for anything beyond navcore 8.010. I think this copy of EasyUseTools is quite old.

    I know I need to generate a key, but how?

    Sorry to be such a n00b on here, but I've been struggling with this all day and I'm at the end of my rope.

    Thank you for any help you can offer!

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    Re: Trouble updating maps on Go 720

    Hi Ruckus42
    I am using GO730 in UK but set up should be the same.Make backup of your tomtom directory with windows not tomtom home to your hard drive to keep original safe. Then you need an SD card to copy same backup using windows what I do then is replace map directory with new map Put SD card into tomtom start up it usually says Wrong map shut down put card back in computer put easytools into tomtom root directory and run should now
    recodnies map If you cant get easytools tell me your email and i`ll send copy.Good luck.
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