Not sure weather this has been asked before but I did have a search to see if there was an answer.

So what IS the difference between these 2 maps?

4009 - 2489.2mb - 0D 5F 33 0D AB D7 78 BF 39 35 07 9D 61 3A C2 08 Western_and_Central_Europe-512.meta ; W_and_C_E_885_4009

4009 - 2489.2mb - 81 D0 DF 16 AF 2C BC 70 07 67 6A 68 9C 87 72 1D Western_and_Central_Europe_2GB-512.meta ; W_and_C_E_2GB_885_4009

Is there actually a difference in MAPPING? Other than the name and Meta code - everything else appears to be the same, even the size. So can anyone help? Thanks

I am using a Tomtom GO910 with Navcore 9.051 as recommended in:
Best NavCore for Go x10, Go x20 and Go x30