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Thread: Copying files onto your v10/v11 device

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    Copying files onto your v10/v11 device

    Tomtom has a windows app allowing you to transfers voices, sounds, poi, favorites, warning sounds, vehicle icons and color schemes from an ‘old’ tomtom (navcore 9.xx or earlier) onto a Via/go800/go1000.
    It’s called ‘Tomtom Content Transfer Assistant’
    Download the app here
    Content Transfer Assistant

    It is intended to copy from your old device onto your new one.
    However, we can use it in a much more interesting way.

    Step 1
    Connect your ‘old’ device to the PC.
    If you do not have an ‘old’ device, use an empty SD card (256k will do) and unzip the attached 'dummyTT' onto the SD card
    Insert the SD card into your PC and the app will think it’s your navcore 9.x tomtom.
    (yes, it’s not very clever)

    Step 2
    Start the app and click ‘continue’ until it will ask you to connect your nav10/11 device.

    Step 3
    Leave the app open and browse to
    This is on a windows 7 pc, might be slightly different for XP/Vista
    I guess the folder will always be ‘TTDTM’

    Step 4
    Add the files (voices, sounds, etc) you want to transfer to this TTDTM folder

    Step 5
    Go back to the TT app, click on continue and it will put your files onto your device.
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