I am trying to search a nice tutorial on how to get this working but all i find is the fuelprices update for people who already got it working. I placed various maps fuel_prices or FuelPricesEU in my Tomtom directory and because I didn't know why I couldn't make the .DCT file I put it even in the map itself but I can't find what I am doing wrong and I noticed there is not a step by step guide in doing so unless it leaves plenty questions, see below!

Could someone make a nice understandable tutorial for everybody? It would really be appreciated!
In my case I have a Tomtom 920 running with ApplicationVersionVersionNumber=8398

and on another SDHC-card

Thanks for any help in advance!

instructions guide (Tnk Maverick)
Works on TomTom Device's only with Navcore 8.2 and higher
To change type of fuel prices just copy FuelStationsEU.X.fpf
into the same folder and rename the copied file to FuelStationsEU.fpf
(Take out the number) See list of fuels below.
where X:
1 - Diesel
2 - Unknown
3 - Regular unleaded
4 - Mid-grade unleaded
5 - Premium unleaded
6 - Unleaded
7 - Super unleaded
8 - LPG
9 - BioDiesel
10 - Red diesel
11 - Ultimate diesel
12 - High power diesel
13 - LRP
14 - E-85 Ethanol

or run the command FuelType answering questions

These are cracked in the same way as the maps and speedcams. Use easytousetools and
place the files in directory