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Thread: How to disable road warning images (not ALG)

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    How to disable road warning images (not ALG)

    Hi, I've recently patched my ONEv4 (30 Series) / 125 / 130 with Navcore 8.562 and installed UK & ROI map 885_4009.
    All working fine, but I keep getting those dark images with road layouts in red appearing that seem to be 'Hey, watch out for this road junction, you'll need to go this way' warnings. Great idea, but they appear miles before I get to the relevant road layout - about 5 minutes in some cases, which I find confusing, and they also stay on screen for ages. I haven't found a way to disable them. I haven't tried disabling the lane images option as that's useful on motorways, my previous version had this enabled but didn't show the other images mentioned, but I have a nasty feeling that's the problem and I'm suffering from some pointless 'extra functionality'. I haven't found anything obvious in the options section but I think I may have an SE navcore to save memory so it may be missing. If it means installing a full navcore and getting a performance hit, I'd rather do that than have the unnecessary warning images. Cheers.

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    Re: How to disable road warning images (not ALG)

    Can you provide a screenshot or link to one?
    I have same map on TT One v2 with Navcore 8.417 but dont have this problem
    The only images I see are in addition to ALG are motoorway junctions and major
    A class roads like below:

    It could be some feature of your updated navcore

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