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Thread: tomtom's not turning on

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    Angry tomtom's not turning on

    Ok so my sat nav ain't working at all.

    I had a tomtom go 710 put truck maps and navcore on it worked great had it about 2 years then all of sudden it stops working tried everything, thought ok its done it job just put it down to old age.

    So about two weeks ago i got a 910 and put truck software on that, again it worked fine but only for 2 weeks, I was at work and unplugged it to plug in phone charger noticed it saying low battery ignored it and now its not turning on at all same as what happened with my old one.

    I have tried resetting via the button on back of the units nothing happens apart from a steady green light. When charging it gets a flashing/pulsing green light. Tomtom home doesn't even pick it up.

    So has anyone got any idea's

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    Re: tomtom's not turning on

    Firstly have you been charging the 710 with a GENUINE Tom Tom charger or a generic replacement? as the web is full of instances where generic replacement chargers "Fry" the battery charging circuit of the TT devices. That can only be repaired by repairers who have SMD (Surface mounted devices) repair equipment as the components are very small in size. Your instance appears to have the same symptoms as a device with the damaged battery charging components.

    Regards, Waldorf.

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    Re: tomtom's not turning on

    Its the charging connector block which is faulty, very delicate job repairing it, guy on the bay in the uk got good feedback for repairing the fault, search for tt green light not charging.

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