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Thread: how to update (replace) bootloader v1.01?

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    how to update (replace) bootloader v1.01?

    Does anyone know how to change the bootlader v1.01 s I can install newer NC? I read different things on this subject, some say it's not possible while others say things like downgrading and then upgrading? I would like to upgrade a tomtom one with bootloader 1.01...

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

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    Re: how to update (replace) bootloader v1.01?

    bootloader 1.0100 - You should never try to upgrade this bootloader or else you will brick your device!

    Navcore 8.041 is a special navcore that is needed for your particular model and cannot be upgraded.

    From Downunder35m:

    If you have a Tomtom with the bootloader version number 1.0100 or 1.0200 you have a special system and should never attempt to change your bootloader!
    It is most likely that you have a special Navcore version as well - 8.041
    Other Navcores won't work on your device the progress bar will stop at the end and the devices freezes.
    The only way to use non genuine maps on these devices is by using a specially patched PNDNavigator for for the 8.041 Navcore.
    Don't try to patch the ttsystem or the PNDNavigator file yourself. It won't work and the ttsystem does not need any patching.

    So basically, you're stuck with this navcore and bootloader. This also means you cannot use the full featured IQ/ALG maps.
    Google navcore 8.041 bootloader 1.0100 for more information.

    Here is a link to the PNDNavigator for navcore 8.041:

    I haven't tested it, but this is the only download I could find.
    TomTom Tutorials & FAQ
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    Re: how to update (replace) bootloader v1.01?

    Quote Originally Posted by lemonfish View Post
    From Downunder35m:
    Don't try to patch the ttsystem or the PNDNavigator file yourself. It won't work ...

    I don't know why ant whom to Downunder35m wrote this. PNDNavigator in 8.041 is usual file of this type and can be patched with any known patcher.

    And all else - is true

    On the other hand - I knew several issues when people successfully upgraded 1.0xx bootloader (maybe they had too old devices, and navcore different from 8.041 - I can't be for sure) and then installed later navcore.

    As well as one friend of mine tried to upgrade 1.0100 bootloader (with navcore 8.041 on-board) without ANY success (I cooked several special bootloaders for this purpose - starting "custom" 1.0101, ending with 0.0101) - just NOTHING happened - none of them was flashed, whilst progress bar showed process of flashing as usual.... Finally - we considered these especially devices (bootloader 1.01xx, navcore - 8.041 (and may be several more)) just has extra security system, preventing them to CHANGE navcore - upgrade/downgrade - doesn't matter. Also - on 4pda several more man tried to do so (accidentally, just without right knowledge about this issue) - all without any success, however - without any harm to device... Finally - just patched 8.041 and maps for "weak devices" could work properly for them.

    So - you can try to flash higher bootloader to your 8.041 device, perhaps nothing would happen to it, but - do it on Your own risk... you'd better don't try to flash it

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