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Thread: WinCE 6.0 memory issue - dead navcore links etc - can someone post a sticky guide?

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    WinCE 6.0 memory issue - dead navcore links etc - can someone post a sticky guide?

    Hi there,

    I am quite experienced in chinese gps units running tom tom and know my way around various maps/charts etc and have always used alberts easy activator and GUIDORENATO's 7.910 navcore etc on CE 5.0 but have been out of the loop for a few years having sold my GPS unit after jail breaking an Ipod to run TomTom via a car kit.

    Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I stupidly pointed to a GPS unit on Amazon and told my friend to buy it as I "could put tom tomtom on it no problem'.

    Stop laughing!!!! Obviously, I now realise that many units are shipping now with 6.0 and these are causing many memory issues.

    I have been trawling through many many forums as far afield as Australia and I keep hitting brick walls with dead links and even FBI warnings when I try and get 7.910 again .....WTF!!!

    I am at the stage where I am being confused by guides suggesting stuff is run inside emulators etc and i would really appreciate some help as my mate is getting a bit peeved as i cant deliver Tom Tom currently.

    From what I can see, its a bog standard 4GB internal Chinese GPS unit with 64ishMB memory, FM transmitter etc and has a Media Tek MT3351 CPU

    Can someone please provide a link to either 7.910 navcore or what best navcore they suggest for running CE6.0 with 64ishMB and if I need to do any jiggery pokery, a guide or a link to a guide would be appreciated

    As more and more of these units are being shipped with 6.0 can I suggest maybe a sticky in this section to cover similar future posts?

    Cheers all


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