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Thread: GO 700 not recognizing Uk 900.4610 map

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    Angry GO 700 not recognizing Uk 900.4610 map


    I am trying to pudate my neighbours old tomtom GO 700. I have managed to upgrade the navcore via tomtom home to 7.9. I have downloaded the United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_900_4610 map and copied into the root of the tomtom. I have then switched the tomtom on and gone to switch map but the new map is not visible in the list of maps. The map folder is called United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_900_4610. i have checked its not a folder within a folder. i have been scratching my head for a while now and cannot work out why the unit is not picking up the map. Also will Loquendo voices work with this Navcore?

    As the tomtom does not have an sd card and it is not my tomtom I am a bit scared of erasing the navcore and using a patched navcore. i am worried if I erase the old navcore the laptop wont pickup the tomtom and I end up bricking the tomtom.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Re: GO 700 not recognizing Uk 900.4610 map

    Use MUST patch the navcore to use any non-purchased map.
    There is no problem patching the navcore.

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    Re: GO 700 not recognizing Uk 900.4610 map

    It must have been a dodgy map, I have used the 900.4608 and that is working perfect with the Navcore 7.9. Is it possible to get loquendu tts or vocalizer to work with this navcore?

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    Re: GO 700 not recognizing Uk 900.4610 map

    No no.... nothing to do with patching the navcore or a "dogdy" map.... it's all to do with the meta!

    If you followed the clean install tutorial, you have missed the important point in bold:

    12) Download the compatible v900 map using the Map Thread Finder, but first make sure the meta is available:

    A quick look at the list of maps in the Map Thread Finder shows that the UK_and_RoI_900_4610 map has "no meta yet". Without this meta code, it doesn't matter what you try, you will not be able to activate the map.

    You were able to get the UK_and_RoI_900_4608 map running because the meta is readily available for that particular map, that's why it works

    You won't be able to get computer voices working with your official 7.903 navcore. You may need to install an SE navcore to be able to use VocalizerTTS. More information here:
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