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Thread: 700 will not boot

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    700 will not boot

    Hi all trying to update a friends 700 but it will not boot tomtom logo then try to start then back to tomtom logo then same again home or PC not recognizing it have done a reset still the same please help.
    Thanks in advance Dell

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    Re: 700 will not boot

    This has become a common problem with the old models GO 700 and GO 910. They both have a physical hard drive (which contains moving parts), as opposed to a flash drive. The GO 700 has a 2.5GB hard drive, whereas the GO 910 has a 20GB hard drive. The life expectancy of these drives is not much more than 5 or 6 years, so it's quite possible the hard drive has died.

    There are a few things you can try to fix your problem. It has recently been discussed in the following thread:

    TomTom GO 910 - can´t start
    TomTom Tutorials & FAQ
    TomTom GO 730, Navcore 9.051c, 64Mb RAM, Australia 910.4892, Bootloader: 5.5250
    TomTom ONE v1, Navcore 9.170SE, 32Mb RAM, Australia 910.4892, Bootloader: 5.5244

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    Re: 700 will not boot

    i had this problem to, i hope you made a back up

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