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Thread: activate Uk and Ireland 900.4610 map

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    activate Uk and Ireland 900.4610 map

    Hi, This is the only map version that has been detected by my system (tomtom navigator 7 on windows ce)
    I can't find the meta.txt anywhere for it can someone please post it here?
    it's sooo frustrating to download a map that works but can't be activated when all the others can be activated but don't work!

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    Re: activate Uk and Ireland 900.4610 map

    You don't need the 900.4610 map for TT7 winCe, can use 900.4608 for this, and you will find the meta for this map on Metas thread.

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    Re: activate Uk and Ireland 900.4610 map

    Thank you I have the map working however, problems are still bugging me! when sitting still my location is dead on, however when I begin to move, the arrow jumps all over the screen erratically!
    I tried changing the baud rate to everything available but the same thing happens (the receiver is rated to 9200) I have tried both the lowest and highest baud rate but the same thing happens. igo works perfectly so it's not the gps receiver!
    can anyone help?
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