This is my first attempt to update the GPS TomTom XL and I had no success. I need help, please.

First I tried to follow the tutorial 7 simple steps to update your device with the latest map:
Step 1. I did a backup.

Step 2. I found nothing called navcore, but according to another thread it is the DeviceVersionHW=ONE XL (v9), so the navcore is 9, is that it? On the GPS, it says version 8.010.

Step 3. Not sure here.

Step 4. Deleted the map folder or at least what I think is the map folder. I deleted a folder called Iberia (which makes sense for Portugal and Spain).

Step 5. Not sure here, but I downloaded a map. It has a file called Western_Europe-675.meta and the others are Western_Europe_900_4613.
I followed the links there but did not understand what to look for.
I need Portugal and Spain mainly.

There was no map folder created on unpacking the files, so I pasted all the file unpacked into the Iberia folder previously emptied. But I got an error of not enough disk space. It has 700Mb free and needs 1.6Gb. So I aborted the operation and replaced the original contents.
What I am doing wrong?

Step 6 and 7. OK.