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Thread: How to check a meta.txt file without a SatNav or Memory Card

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    How to check a meta.txt file without a SatNav or Memory Card

    How to check a meta.txt file without a SatNav or Memory Card

    Although I only really want two maps (UK & ROI) & (Europe) normally I download quite a few different maps and variations including the Truck map, then wait for the appropriate meta file, that way with having multiple maps and different variations of maps the chances are eventually I will be up and running just as soon as the correct meta.txt file is available.

    But, I got fed up with constantly loading, unloading and re-loading maps onto memory cards, (which have now grown to a ridiculous number and sizes to accommodate maps just to test if the meta.txt file contained the correct data) obviously not forgetting having to use either the actual satnav or memory card reader on the pc all the time.

    So I decided to create a new folder on the PC (the name of the folder doesn't matter, anything will do) then place into the folder:

    1. A copy of 'ALL' the downloaded maps in their individual folders.
    2. A copy of 'FastActivate'
    3. A copy of the meta.txt file you want to check against the loaded maps.
    4. A copy of your .bif file from your SatNav or Memory card.
    5. Then run FastActivate.

    Basically load the new folder exactly the same as you would a normal memory card or onto the satnavs HDD along with the 'FastActivate' and meta.txt file, then run FastActivate, the result being when running FastActive it checks all the maps at the same time and as with installing onto a memory card etc shows which maps are now ready to use.

    However, whilst this saves a lot of time and messing around it will not let you run the actual map with TomTom Home, so then and only then do you need to load it onto the memory card or satnav's drive.

    Text changed and Navcore advice removed because it is not necessary to load any Navcore as previously stated.

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