Okay my old TT one V2 is getting a little old and while it has served me well the screen touch is not as responsive any longer the suction cup attachment is cracked and I am going to have to eventually get something different.

Recently my sister joined us in Florida with her Garmin which she bought and I updated the map for her on a micro sd card. It was a lot simpler than the process I go through with my TT getting newer Navcores and patching maps. I also liked the way it worked after playing with it a bit. The only thing I disliked was it didn't give a specific turn instruction at the moment you had to turn as my TT does. I found when there were several streets close together and if I couldn't see the name I was guessing which was the correct one and in busy traffic I don't like to be watching the GPS screen.

So what are other thoughts if they were updating a unit, what would you buy especially value priced?