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Thread: TomTom GO910 HDD removed and replaced with a SDHC

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    TomTom GO910 HDD removed and replaced with a SDHC

    Due to an expected HDD failure, I bought a replacement for the HDD at

    TOMTOM GO 910 HDD Replacement

    Onfortunately they don't sell outside the UK
    I solved that problem via my best friend in the UK who received the parcel for me and sent it a day later to me.

    How to disassemmble the GO 910 read it here

    The frame of the GO910 is as far as I know/expect the same as from the GO510 and GO710

    TomTom GO910 HDD removed and replaced with a SDHC-tomtom-go910-img_0001.jpg

    Here the HDD is removed and on the right you see a gap for the SD connector which fit perfectly
    Don't forget to remove a part of the rubber from the battery.
    Now you need 2 extra screws, 2mm x 5mm long or even shorter.

    Picture of the frame and the SD connector, the connector is here upsidedown

    TomTom GO910 HDD removed and replaced with a SDHC-tomtom-go910-img_0003.jpg

    Be realy carefull with the flatcable connectors they are broken in a split second

    Make a opening for the SDHC card.
    To be sure if it will start, just try it before you close the whole GO910

    It will even start without a SDHC card, you'll see it is a GO710 but when the programs are running it will appear as a normal GO910

    I bought a 32GB SDHC Class 10 card

    Best regards,

    Aad - pe1agp
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