I have a old TomTom XL Canada 310... that's new... never used since when i bought it, i tried to patch the system file with no success... i broke it hahah

Serial/Model Nº 4EG0.001.12
C_NO: RO5040B12175

This model is a little different from One XL since it's Canada 310

I don't know whick bootloader / navcore to use, since it has no screen image but changing the bootloaders and navcores, i can make it work, but no properly... work with bugs... and with image...

The best match was:


Other info
DeviceName=TomTom XL
DeviceVersionHW=ONE XL (v9)

But, whe i try to load the map, it reboot with no error... reboot and after trying to load the map again, after choosing language, clock, modes... reboot again so i think it's not the best match

Anyone here knows wich the best Navcore and Bootloader for this model?

And anyone knows how to make a new ttgo.bif if it'snt being created auto? (in my wife XL 350)

I had no lucky (lammer) haha