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Thread: Interesting discovery - album art display

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    Interesting discovery - album art display

    Hi folks,

    I came across something by accident and can't seem to find it documented anywhere... (although it's difficult to search for). I've got a TT720 and I'm guessing this may work with others that have the ability to play mp3s...

    If you put album art in the same folder as the album you are playing, and, name the same as the album id3 tag, then it will display on the jukebox currently playing page.

    This is what I've figured out so far...

    1. The file must be called the same as the ID3 tag name.
    2. The directory name doesn't matter
    3. It doesn't like commas in the filename
    4. Size doesn't seem to matter - I've tried it with 800x800 jpgs and it works fine
    5. It ONLY works if the mp3s and the jpgs are on the booted device - ie, if you boot from the internal device, you won't see artwork on the SD - this is actually a right pain, as it means you have to put tomtom on the SD and override the internal disk.

    If anyone can figure out how to get around the last one, it would be useful...


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