Hello everybody,

Regarding the lemonfish's post How to save & restore your favorites when updating your device, I confirm it worked with a XL device a year ago.

Now I am having problems with a Carminat, the non-live version, using core 8842, using the most recent map Europe_920_5270.

I can activate the map without problems. After replacing the MapSettings.cfg the device keeps rebooting every minute.

For devices working with SD, the operate function is not available in TT-HOME.

Can you imagine any alternative solution for such devices? I believe there should be a manual method to add the dummy Favourite that is mention by lemonfish in 3). I mean, by editing the file using an hex or text editor, or similar.

I tried to buid an SD card from scratch as in Carminat Tomtom - FAQ - but it fails in the same way. In Carminat the process of replacing the MapSettings.cfg file is a bit more complicated because it involves mounting the loopback file. But I'm sure I am doing everything correctly as I did it many times in the past.

Thanks in advance for your help!