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Thread: TomTom 4EN52 Z1230 - Is it worth using or binning?

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    TomTom 4EN52 Z1230 - Is it worth using or binning?

    Hi All

    I have one of these TomTom 4EN52 Z1230 things that keeps asking for a map update. I decided to try and do it today but TomTom want's fifty odd notes for it and I would write what I replied to that at the time but I'd no doubt lose my membership to this forum!

    To be honest I'd rather spend a bit more money and buy a better sat-nav than buy the maps from TomTom. A sat-nav that I can download the latest maps for free either from the makers website or a torrent site if need be.

    Anyway I have no manual for this thing and I can't work out what the memory card is for. I can't put anything on it as the TomTom formats it whenever I install it. If I read it on my computer after it has been in the TomTom it shows as an empty disk with no file space left on it.

    Is there anything I can do to update this or hack the file system? No drives show when I connect the USB to my PC, not even with the memory card inserted.

    Any advice much appreciated.

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    Re: TomTom 4EN52 Z1230 - Is it worth using or binning?

    The sad news is you either pay TomTom or bin it !

    Look here :-

    Why all the new "invisible" TomToms using navcore v10/v11/v12 cannot be cracked

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