FFS As if i didn't hate Uploaded enough........i now cant even give them my f***king money.

Every time i try to buy a premium membership, when i choose payment method Credit Card, they then need to verify your phone number. I enter a phone number and receive the error message:

"This payment method is not available for you anymore"

I have tried logging in with different accounts, registering for a new account, using a different browser to avoid any cookies, even resetting my external IP, every phone number I try i get the same error message.

Does anyone how to resolve this issue.

I have to say that it is extremely frustrating that this website is utterly dependent on uploaded - No doubt purely so they can rake it in due to the affiliation programme. I dont have a problem with some recompense for all the effort you put in, but talk about eggs in one basket. Uploaded are NOT download friendly, they are purely there for the forum mods and not users.

Can you use at least one other site??