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Thread: Commandes vocales avec résulltats différents sur 2 versions de mappe différentes

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    Voice commands with different results on 2 different versions of maps


    I live in Switzerland and have just received a TomTom GO 940 LIVE with map 930.5563 Europe. The device works with NC 9.510.1234792.103. In the map directory, there is the cspeech_CHE.dat file (CHE: Switzerland) which allows voice commands during request for a destination (city, street, number). This works more or less correctly.

    I then downloaded the map 945.6243 Europe. I realized then that there is no cspeech_xxx.dat file in here. So I pushed the same file taken from the previous map to it. Result: voice recognition becomes completely inefficient and can not recognize any of the addresses. I have the feeling that each map has its own cspeech_xxx.dat files that are linked to its version but I might be wrong.

    Could someone from this forum clarify this point, please? Thank you.

    Edit: Wrong map (with no cspeech, ALG, ASR) used! Problem closed.
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