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Thread: Best possible navigation solution

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    Best possible navigation solution

    Hi all

    I would really appreciate it if you could please help me find the right navigation solution, ideally a TomTom. At this point I am not even sure if this even exists...

    - up to date European and preferably world maps (must be lifetime)
    - excellent live traffic (must be lifetime)
    - best possible speed camera database
    - only one device (ie dedicated gps with phone and cameralert is not an option)

    I have looked at the TomTom 5100 which seems perfect except for the cameras as it doesn't allow for custom pois for the PocketGPSWorld database. The TomTom built in database also seems inferior (is this still true??). It also is lacking cameras for Switzerland but I think I could live with that. I am curious how bad the TomTom database really is...

    Garmins seem like a good alternative given custom POIs. However, I am concerned about the quality of their live traffic. TomTom offers live updates over 3G which surely has to be superior to Garmin's old-school radio receiver.

    Currently I am using Google maps with cameralert which works really well. Great traffic and up to date maps, also the best camera database. I have however moved to iPhone on which cameralert no longer works properly. This leaves me with having to use an iPhone for navigation and android for cameras - not ideal.

    It seems that the ideal solution would be a new TomTom with lifetime maps and live traffic which also accepts custom POIs but this doesn't seem to exist!

    A few questions:
    - is Garmin traffic really that bad?
    - are TomTom cameras that inferior to PocketGPSWorld?
    - how does the cyclops database on garmin compare to PocketGPSWorld?

    Any insights and suggestions would be really appreciated!!

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    Re: Best possible navigation solution

    The GO5100 should be fine for your needs. They now accept custom pois and the other things you mention are included. Speed cams are as good as any

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