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Thread: Trying to Update TomTom XL with Difficulty

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    Trying to Update TomTom XL with Difficulty

    I have been reading all the posts, following guides etc and cannot do anything to update my XL.

    App is 8014 and Version 9372. It usd to be 8010 and 9369 but something has changed since I tried to download new Navcore. As that failed I reverted back to standard.

    My TomTom Home suggest Map 860.3126 is teh latest map for my TomTom so I have downloaded it and tried to use FastActivate and EasyActivate to patch my TomTom Home and the Maps but now all the maps on my TomTom state the following error message:

    Problem with map
    You cannot use this map on this device

    It even states the same error message for the South Africa maps I bought last year for my wedding there. I was going to try and download maps then but felt the risk was too great if they did not work.

    I do not understand why this happens as the tutorials state things are easy and I have followed them. It seems you download maps, replace existing folder with new folder, use easyactuvate and fastactivate and away you go. But this does not seem to work.

    Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong?

    I originally wanted to see if I get extra features if I download a newer Navcore and see if I can get IQ or Lane Assist and other features but I think you have to change version number of device in various files and the forum I do not find very clear in exactly what to change where. So I thought I would play it safe and try just getting a newer map and that cannot be done either.

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    Re: Trying to Update TomTom XL with Difficulty

    weird thing. I also have a XL Europe edition and got it since about 1 month. Anyway, updated cracked maps and once, when i went to tomtom home, ive got that message. Patched tomtom home using FastActivator premium and no more probs so far.

    Only have an issue.. how the hell do i get the button to "midia" or "read"?? Thats because i used tomtom home to put a text file inside text folder in my XL root, following all instructions, but now cant find how do i access it to read using XL menus.. lol

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    Re: Trying to Update TomTom XL with Difficulty

    MattyKHZ use this navcore 8.410.1218 from it as Lane Assist alg, unzip file and copy all the files in the folder to your tomtom root over writing any files if asked.
    witch country map do you want?

    i use fast activate to patch maps, download from here read the help file

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