I have a GO 920 with Navcore 8.351 and the latest map of europe (860.3101).
Before I went on a trip yesterday I updated the device on tt home, it downloaded
a quickfix and some map share informations (the first time after I installed the new map).
During the trip anything fine, no probs. Today when I went back home, the device came up with a kind of offset in the position on the map. According to TT I was always a bit (maybe 200-300 meters) west of my real position. Now I won the word championship in off road driving... The TT permanently tried to calculate new tracks to bring me back to the highway. I tried to restart the unit several times but it did not work. Now I am back home and it seems the coordinates are ok again. During the drive I looked at the satellite status and it seemed very good, more than 10 and high signal strengths.

Any idea how this could happen or would a reset (which is a bit tricky while driving in the dark) have helped?