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Thread: Problem with TomTom XL: device restarts

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    Problem with TomTom XL: device restarts

    I have TomTom XL (under the device: 4EG0.001.01, N14644, Canada 310).
    I wanted to update navcore and maps.
    I used Navcore 9101.516023.2, TT XL; version navcore
    and used 860_3126 Eastern Europe map.
    Then I used Albert's Easy activator 0.57.21.
    Made this with PC, wiped G/ (tomtom drive) out. Moved map and navcore files to device and used easy activator.
    Steps were: 1. TT8 2. My device ID. 3. Map from tomtom drive 4. Latest meta from PC. Generated *.dct and patched my tomtom System file.
    Wanted to patch my Home Dll, but didn't find this file on my tomtom drive.
    So, pulled usb cable out from tomtom, device started up. It shows my country capital street.

    I can ONLY PUSH the clock and signal bars down at right coner to see satelites and versions and thats it.
    The problem is, when I push somwhere else on the device (like map, or want to go to other menu, THE DEVICE FREEZES like 10 seconds and then makes RESTART. And I can't navigate, see map with streets and so.
    What could be the problem? Did I do something wrong, or I should use some older bootloader and map? Old map was 830_2306. And i think, that the old bootloader was 8.204
    But when I wait indoor like 5 minutes, then the map shows me my current location on backround, not the capital any more, and when i touch the MAP, device freezes and restarts again. It's like endless loop over and over again.
    What should I do, to make My device working again?
    Thanks for helping.

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    Re: Problem with TomTom XL: device restarts


    Let's try it the easy way:
    Get FastActive Premium (it's avaiable in proper section of the forum) and use it like:
    a) update meta.txt...
    b) patch maps / voices...
    c) patch ttsystem...
    d) patch TT Home

    Then do a reset on your device for about 15 secs (there's a little hole down TT, very close to the code bar, use something that fits into there)
    Reboot your device and test it

    Post the results here pls

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    Re: Problem with TomTom XL: device restarts

    You can never downgrade the bootloader.
    Do not update the bootloader by error!
    Higher is not better
    Make sure your bootloader version is 5.5022 or higher.

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