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Thread: Replace 720 with 740TM? (US users, mostly)

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    Replace 720 with 740TM? (US users, mostly)

    Hi all,

    I currently have a Go 720, all stock and about 2 or 3 more map updates left on my current contract. My issue is that a little over a year ago, I got a TMC-RDS receiver for my 720, and it worked fine. Now, my year subscription expired, and I wanted to go and renew the subscription. However, TT is telling me that the subscription cannot be updated, because they are phasing the older models out and going with a single, universal model with lifetime Traffic subscription, and the 720 doesn't qualify (It's too old at 4 years).

    I was just wondering what features I would gain from the 740 over the 720 if I were to swap them out? Is the usability of the 740 as good as the 720? Any other things or gotchas I should be aware of?


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    Re: Replace 720 with 740TM? (US users, mostly)

    The only plus point compare to the 720 is the Live Traffic and the full speech control. For the rest has the 720 the advantence of MP3, FM transmitter.
    So if you don,t need Live stick to the 720.

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    Re: Replace 720 with 740TM? (US users, mostly)

    @ mgpaulus:

    Really? On my tomtom Home, the option to buy a RDS-TMC subcription is still available with a hefty price ($59.99/yr)

    I have 2 solutions for you:

    1, head over to ebay buy a new RDS-TMC which are pretty cheap (less than $15/ea.) There are 2 versions of them 4V00.83 for North America and 4v00.13 for EU. Just make sure to get the right one, otherwise, it ain't work.

    2, You may change your current navcore to navcore SE_9.051.503855. Search for "9.051.xxl2009_tts.CAB-navcore-XXL" and "SE_ttsystem.9.051.503855"
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