I it possible to get the 720 working with 8gb sdhc? (Apacer class 10)
I tried it with firms SE 9160 and 8351 (official) and are having these problems:

When I plug the card in the 720 and connect it to the pc I can format the card and it shows the right amount but i cannot copy anything to the card.
It gives an IO error. The card works well with an reader and if I just add preactivated maps to it and plug it to the 720 it goes to restarting loop.

Weird thing is that with bootloader 55210 i could add about 1.5gigs data to the card through 720 plugged to pc. With 55229 only few bytes are copied and then it gives the IO error

If I put the 9160 firm to the card (works well on internal mem) it just does not boot up.

Is it possible that the card slot is faulty?
Should i try another card?