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Thread: Tom Tom Start Map Issues.

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    Tom Tom Start Map Issues.


    So I've been trying to update a Tom Tom Start 2GB with newer maps, however after putting the new maps on the device and trying to turn it on it hangs on the start screen.

    I need to work out which maps are the latest which should work on the device, although I can't work out the version, I think it's 9.057.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Edit: So I've got it all working and I'll post how I've done it so that if anyone in the future has issues hopefully this helps them out.

    I started out with a 106 map version (Australian Maps) on the device. I removed these after many unsuccessful attempts at getting them to work again. (Since I'd tried to update the maps but didn't know the version of maps I needed).

    I then went into the Tom Tom Home 2 Program and checked what map version was required under the "Add Maps" option. This told me the latest maps required was "865.3245.3245".

    With this information I went here and found the "865.3245" maps and downloaded them.

    Once downloaded I moved these onto the device under the folder "Australia".

    I then ran the Fast Activate located here and selected each option.

    After this, to save me disconnecting the GPS I used the Tom Tom Home 2 Program to "Operate my Start" and then it worked and I could use it fine.

    My guess is the maps have updated as it says they're the latest in the Tom Tom Home 2 program.

    Cheers and thanks for the help with this sticked thread to point me in the right direction.
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