Hi there, I have a stereo unit, I installed TomTom 7.910.918 and everything works including map I only have the clock jumping around like crazy, will not stay set on the correct time, I tried the Autorun download, I placed it on the root of the folder and change the ini, to what I think it suppose to say, default is " w \Storage Card\TomTom\TomTom Navigator.exe" all I changed was the storage card name to the name of my card, or at least the name that show up on my pc when I put the card on the reader, is that the name I'm supposed to use, or am I doing something wrong? The reason why I ask is because when I go to the Units menu and select the autorun it hangs and will not load the tomtom, when I select the tomtom navigator.exe it loads but with the clock, not sure if I'm making sense all I want to do is stop the clock from jumping around. Thanks, hope I'm making sense.