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Thread: TT GO710 Home 2.8 problem

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    Red face TT GO710 Home 2.8 problem

    Hi people,
    Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the site, have spent the last three days reading up on soooo much Got tied eyes now! A big thank you goes out to the Mods for putting up with all the same questions, over and over again lol.

    I've had great success with my TT thanks to this forum,

    I am posting here as i think i have a problem with the DLL files and using Home, and as i was following the DLL post at the begining of this topic i thought it best i ask here.


    I have a TT Go710, it was fairly out of date, running 7.903 with WE 650.1047
    My plan was to try and upgrade using a spare 2GB SD card
    First i formatted the SD card in a usb stick in windows with Fat32.
    then i copied Navcore 9.058 onto it
    followed by Map titled Europe_West_865_3246 1.2GB
    next i wasn't to sure if i needed to activate the map, so i did anyway using Autoactivate.exe 1.8 found on this forum (unpacked rar file onto desktop then copy the .exe file onto the SD card, once copied i then ran it, it work fine and finished what it was doing.

    i then safely removed the usb stick from windows and took the sd card out and put it into my little old TT.
    It powered up straight away, then hung on the tomtom pic for about a 1.5min, turned itself off and on again and then booted up nicely. All looks good so far, i set the language and all the other settings, i stuck a few postcodes in just to see if all is ok, and it is!! Happy Days

    so next i wanted to see if it connected to TomTom Home, My pc runs the latest 2.8

    I wasn't sure if i needed to replace the DLL i popped it in its usb cradle, Home started. got an error message saying wrong App installed, (which i was expecting as i was following the post about replacing the DLL file) i clicked OK to pass the error message and i was then given the options to join mapshare, which i did i had 2 updates to install, one being gps quick fix and the other mapsare updates. done successfully.

    so... time to turn off the TT so i can the replace DLL file. Home said it was safe to unplug TomTom, so i did.

    first question
    i wasn't able to turn the actual TT off and had to do a soft reset??? any reason anyone knows why????? after the reset i booted up the TT again to make sure it was ok, and yep, all is ok, still hangs on start up and does its reboot, am guessing its something to do with the boot loader as i didn't flash the TT itself. maybe i am wrong, all new to me.

    so back to replacing DLL, i found the DLL file here on my pc
    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\TomTom\HOME\Profiles\ybn4xs4u.default\extensi ons\

    and replaced it with the rar dll file i had downloaded 9-058-568435-1

    so went to power up the TT in its cradle, nope, nothing, i had to boot it up in my hand then once it was running put it in the caradle so Home would see it. and i still get the wrong App errorr message.

    question 2
    am i wrong in thinking that replacing the DLL file would stop me from getting this error message?

    Sorry for the long post, am trying to give instructions to other 710 owners as well as ask questions

    for the people that know, here is my error message in detail

    ERROR: 573/# Error from server: You have an invalid version of the TomTom application installed on your TomTom device. To use HOME you need to install the correct version of the TomTom application.
    You have an invalid version of the TomTom application installed on your TomTom device. To use HOME you need to install the correct version of the TomTom application.
    Error code: 573
    Debug info from server: InvalidModelOrNavcoreException %3A The combination of model and navcore version provided is not supported
    Additional information: info = [object]
    info.func = [string] account/setDevice
    info.args = [object]
    info.args.deviceCode = [string] AKXXXXXXXX
    info.args.deviceSerial = [string] V52XXXXXXXX
    info.args.deviceModel = [string] go710
    info.args.deviceNavcoreVersion = [string] 9.058
    info.args.deviceParameters = [string] {"ApplicationVersion":"568435.1","ApplicationVersi onVersionNumber":"9058","VehicleBrand":"","Vehicle Model":""}

    info.method = [string] POST
    info.useCache = [string] false
    info.dryRun = [string] false
    info.xmluploadbody = [object] empty

    Severity: 1105
    0. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:468
    xmluploadbody: this.xmluploadbody
    1. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:430
    2. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:277
    this.request.onload = function() { me._done(true); }

    Time: Wed, 11 May 2011 15:16:32 GMT

    thanks in advance

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    Re: TT GO710 Home 2.8 problem

    and thanks for replying
    if i drop back down to 7.902 navcor will i lose the extra settings that the 9.058 seems to have given me?

    i still have my back up on another SD card, could i not just copy the files from that onto the sd card?

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    Re: TT GO710 Home 2.8 problem

    It hasn't confused me at all that time has past and gone, after so much reading on here lol.

    i updated so i could have the extra features, i am playing around with it to find the best and stable versions, i intend to get a 4gb card, as am driving from the uk to hungry this year, but in the mean time i want to test out the updates whilst driving around the uk and also get the most out of my 710

    The set up i have got seems to work great, just this issue with getting Home to be ok with it. can i just restate, that after the error message in Home i am still able to update my TT. and also i cant operate it through my pc as it crashes Home when i click with the mouse on the TT screen.


    it would seem that Home isn't picking up my new nav or map.
    When i boot up and check the info on the TT it shows my new nav and map. but when i connect it to my pc and open home, then go to managed my go, it shows original nav and map!! very odd.
    if i take out sd card and read it on my pc, i see all the newer nav and map files.

    another edit while waiting patiently for help

    i just thought that it might be helpfull to know the boot i am using, which is 4.86 maybe this is the root to my problem, any advice much appreciated

    i'm also looking at 4GB cards, can anyone tell me if there is a max speed the TT can handle? i know it has to be SD only, even though i did read else where someone used a SDHC card, but not sure if that was on my modle.

    thanks again
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