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Thread: Help - Getting tired and annoyed and need help!

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    Help - Getting tired and annoyed and need help!

    My brother asked me to load onto his Tomtom One 3rd edition a USA map before his holiday. I have installed the USA 1gb version 8.70.3417. The Navcore version running was 8.41. I couldn't get it to work using fastactivate.
    I then thought I would try the ttsystem/PNDNavigator button as well. This got the map activated and working when using Tomtom Home but not when disconnected.
    Upon checking the root drive, it seems to have removed the Navcore folder?
    What is going on and what do I need to do to fix it? I know I have messed up somehow but dont understand what and how to recover. I did take a back up first!
    Many Thanks

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    Re: Help - Getting tired and annoyed and need help!

    witch navcore folder. There is no navcore folder. All the file of the navcore you put in the root of the TomTom one. Then the map with the files and then use fastactivate.
    First you put the content from the navcore in the root of your TT.
    Then you start the tomtom and fill in what is asked til you get the frase no map found.
    Then put the map in the root and use fastactivate.
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