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Thread: Tomtom One v3 with 1GB SD card running latest 870 MAPS - My instructions

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    Tomtom One v3 with 1GB SD card running latest 870 MAPS - My instructions

    Trying to get the latest software and maps can be a bit daunting so for the benefit of others here's how I did mine.....

    This is the first time I've updated the maps on my TomTom ONE V3 since I got it a few years ago. After trying several different NAVCOREs, MAPs and activators I settled for:

    NAVCORE : 9.051.503855
    MAPS: 870.3406 (I used UK and Ireland as I only have a 1GB card)
    Easy activator 6.07 to activate the maps to my TOMTOM
    (All of the above can be found in various links in these forums.)

    With the above combination a bonus is you get the new menu layout, IQ and Lane information. The device runs smoothly and there seems to be no issues like intermittent crashing and intermittent no sound that I had with the latest 9205, indecently 9205 also had several menus that wont work with the TOMTOM ONE as the hardware does not support those things.

    Here are some tips on the easiest way to do this:

    Copy all of the above onto a fresh SD card (mine was formatted FAT), the original SD will not be big enough for the new maps. Also copy easy activator 6.07 onto the root and then boot the device. When you boot your TOMTOM you will get a message saying "cannot use this map", don't worry about that. After the first boot a file is created by the TOMTOM on the root of card which contains all the hardware info about the TOMTOM such as serial number (filename ttgo.bif). It's important that you do this first boot as without this file easy activator will not be able to unlock the maps for your specific TOMTOM.

    Plug the TOMTOM back into the PC and run the easy activator from the TOMTOM folder and click activate maps. If you don't get any errors, you're done ! Remove the cable and boot the TOMTOM,

    SIMPLE when you know how

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