Hi all, and thanks for this site and it's very useful guides.
I have a very old Go 300 which, with the help of these threads and Albert's activator, I've managed to update the navcore and load new maps. I've used a 2gig SD card and all seems to work whilst the SD card is in the Go is attached to my computer....it's picking it up and working fine through TomTom home's "operate" function.
However, as soon as I unplug the device from the computer and try to use it as a standalone, it's sticking at the Tomtom hands logo then just switching itself off. I don't think it's a battery issue as I fully charged it last night and I've just tried to use it plugged into the charger but it just switched itself off then as well.
I've read a bit about bootloaders and not sure if I should be doing something along those lines, but not sure what!
Any help appreciated!
This is a copy and paste of what the bif file says now