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Thread: TomTom with navigon 40 easy... Shutdowning problem

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    Question TomTom with navigon 40 easy... Shutdowning problem

    Hello =)
    Several months ago i had bought this Navigon because i liked price and functions but i had found that navigon software is not so good for me because they have realy stupid poi managment (i need actual speed radars and these idiot software do not support ov2 files or something like that) so i decided to install tomtom 7 at first i had typical problems with memory but i have fixed everything (i have found and edit one nice mortscript for Mapsetting recover) and it started work i can acces menu it can find maps... But now something about problem - after several seconds (10-15) it writes Not enought memory available but it is not typical tomtom problem with memory in start.... And that navigon should have 64MB ram so i think it should be enought... Or not?
    I also have tried IGO8 and IGO primo whose are nice replacement for tomtom but IGO8 cannot find my gps port (even trought i set them into sys.txt) and IGO primo fail after language select and write nothing....
    Is there anybody with that navi and tomtom? or anybody with similiar problem?? =)
    Thanks so much for any response

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    Re: TomTom with navigon 40 easy... Shutdowning problem

    Yes also i do have the same problem as you.i've given my gpss to a friend.and he has deleted whole i decided to have igo primo on it.and when primo installs it stops at the beggining after for a while i select languages.also i got bored couse couldnt found out that problem and tried to have igo8 on it but as you told when its scanning gps around 2 - 9600 the same doesnt work as well.if someone had the same problems and did it and now using please tell us

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