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Thread: someone please help

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    someone please help

    hi great forum,
    i recently bought a yf gps satnav 5" from ebay,it is wince 6 ,i have done lots of reading on this forum before asking here for help,but ive just confused my self further,i downloaded tomtom from here,post 4
    im in desperate need of the latest uk map that will work with this version and info on how to get it activated if it needs to be,i have the tomtom installed and interface opens but tells me no maps found as i havnt got one,as ive no idea which map im needing and how to get it to work,someone please put me out of my misery,i need this for monday as im employed as a delivery driver in uk,and my old trusty tomtom one died,which is how i come to purchase a one from ebay,i do have other gps installed ,but i prefer tomtom to anything tbh

    thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out

    regards moi

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    Re: someone please help

    The tomtom version you downloaded will only work with anyone of these maps: 865_3246, 865_3259, 865_3261, 865_3262, 865_3283, 865_3288.

    You need AutoActivate.exe to activate the maps(download from same place you got the tomtom program).

    Copy the program, map and autoactivate.exe to an sdcard,

    Next, plug the sdcard into your gps device and startup. It complains "no map found" but a file 'ttnavigator.bif' is generated on the sdcard.

    Next, shutdown and remove the sdcard from your device.

    Finally, plug the sdcard into a PC(preferably with internet connection), and run autoactivate from the sdcard. The maps, voices, etc will be activated automatically, and you're done.

    Try googling " United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_865_3246 " for the maps.

    A word of warning, if I may. Because you are using a wince6 device, you will very likely encounter the infamous "out of memory" problem when you startup tomtom with an activated map. It can be made to work, eventually, but only after much much tinkering/experimenting(worst case scenario) .

    I suggest you consider giving igo primo a go. Its alot easier to install and use, and maps for the UK are easily available.

    Primo can be downloaded from here: iGO primo™ v1.2 ( with Premium TMC and various Skins
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