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Thread: Tomtom Iphone5,POI allarms

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    Tomtom Iphone5,POI allarms

    Hello,untill now i have used my GO950 and i want activate the same function on my iphone tomtom.
    With tomtom iphone v1.13 is possible:

    How can i add my downloaded PDI?
    set sound allarm when you are coming near one PDI choosed ( for example autovelox)
    Is possible set the downloaded Voice "onlyalarms" ? (it's without speaking and only sound near allarms)

    thank you
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    Re: Tomtom Iphone5,POI allarms

    not working at tomtom app 1.13. you need a special mapsettings.cfg for this. the last where i have see this is at v1.8 or v1.9.

    i dont know why! i search for it too and many other people too..

    have a look: POI custom alerts on tomtom iphone app v1.10

    and here too. my post at start: Tomtom iphone generator
    I don't remember where, but I'm remember a time where mapsettings was created on a tomtom device and shared by some users.. I don't know which tomtom device could write a compatible file with Tomtom Application for Iphone.
    A very good question... Who has the right answer??? i have not sorry because i dont have a tt device. only the app version
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