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Thread: TomTom v1.3.2 with UK & Ireland maps v930.5611 (torrent).

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    Thumbs up TomTom v1.3.2 with UK & Ireland maps v930.5611 (torrent).

    I found a torrent link to the UK 930.5611 maps with the 1.3.2 .apk and got them to work on my SII. Knowing how slow the traditional file sharing sites that appear on here are, this should be a very quick download. My phone's running Android 4.1.2 but I haven't had a chance to try it on a KitKat device yet (EDIT: See note at bottom of post).


    Right, these were the steps I took to get it to work...

    1: Download the files (well duh ).

    2: Extract the .tgz archive to a new folder using WinZip, WinRAR, or other compatible archiving software package.

    3: Rename the new folder to "tomtom".

    4: Inside this folder you will find another, rename it to "com.tomtom.ukireland".

    5: Open that folder and inside you'll find another folder called "files", the cracked .apk file and the ".metadata.xml" file. Rename the xml file to "metadata.xml" (remove the first "."). If you don't rename the file, the .xml file won't be copied across to your phone as Android cannot see it.

    6: Go up a few levels back to the tomtom folder. Copy this to the internal storage on your phone.

    7: Put your phone in flight mode (not sure if this is actually necessary, but can't hurt).

    8: Run the .apk file and let TomTom install. Once it has finished, disable flight mode and run the app.

    9: If you've done everything correctly, it should work.

    Hope that helps some of you.

    EDIT: Got it to work on KitKat 4.4.4 as well. Once you've copied all the files across, and installed the application, edit the metadata.xml file and change the "file size" value to "0", save the file, then rename it and put the leading "." back on (.metadata.xml). The file will disappear but TomTom will now work.
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    Re: TomTom v1.3.2 with UK & Ireland maps v930.5611 (torrent).

    thanks, this will help some people

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