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Thread: Help with navcore 7.522 please.

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    Help with navcore 7.522 please.

    I am sorry if this is painfully obvious to some but I have been searching the forum and googling this for hours, to no avail.

    I have a TT one (version 30) ?V8. Which I updated from navcore 7.502 to 7.522 using TT Home, in preparation to follow the 7 steps guide to getting new maps.

    My problem is I cannot find any reference to any maps for navcore 7.5 (anything) in the charts I have seen.

    I am after an update for my Western_Europe_1GB v715.1689 or just UK if newer maps are too large.

    Other info from the version screen:
    App: 7.522 (9270/080416) OS:180062
    GPS v1.21 Boot 5.5011

    I would really appreciate a response tailored to a newbie please.

    Thanks in anticipation.
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    Re: Help with navcore 7.522 please.

    The latest official update for the one is NC 7.903 or may by even the 8.010
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    Re: Help with navcore 7.522 please.

    Western_Europe_1GB_875.3675 - unpacked size bytes = 1GB - perhaps too large for your ONE's internal memory?
    You don't have SD-slot to use SD-cards for larger maps?
    If so - then you may use zones:
    Europe_1GB_North_875.3675 - unpacked size 757.167.781 bytes = 722MB
    Europe_1GB_South_875.3675 - unpacked size 817.894.353 bytes = 780MB
    Europe_1GB_West_875.3675 - unpacked size 748.721.229 bytes = 714MB
    as your old map has
    Western_Europe_1GB_715.1689 - unpacked size 895.411.777 bytes = 854MB
    Maybe you can use older maps like
    Western_Europe_1GB_850.2783 (918MB. 2010-09)
    Western_Europe_1GB_855.2931 (923MB. 2010-11)
    but they are rather old... Maps 860-870 all has sizes about 1GB as mentioned Western_Europe_1GB_875.3675

    Alternative is to enlarge flash memory of you ONE by soldering SD-card inside device.
    The latest official update for the one is NC 7.903 or may by even the 8.010
    Of cause 7.522 is too old navcore - you may upgrade to latest official version by TTHome - you did it once, try to repeat it several times till you get mentioned above 7.903 or 8.010. Don't forget to patch new navcore for the purpose to use newer maps.

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