background information
I have a CarPC running Windows 7 x64 ultimate and a 10" LCD touchscreen in my car running Mapfactor PC Navigator 10.
This is doing "OK" but I do like tomtom more.

I want to use my TomTom on the pc, with TT home you can normally operate the device.
I'll dissassemble my tomtom and connect the speaker output to a minijack and then into the Mic. in on the computer.
Also will extend the GPS antenna for a quicker fix.

With what?
I have an old GO500 running on the following specs:
App version 9.101.516023.2
OS 515773 (6-4-2010)
Bootloader 5.5256
map: Western and Central Europe 2GB 875_3615

Question 1:
The current configuration won't allow me to start the TT interface via Home: the map isn't valid for the system...
My device starts and works properly, only tomtom home not.
How do I get this to work?

Question 2:
Which navcore, map and bootloader would YOU recommend to me for a Go500?

Question 3:
Is there a way to overclock the TT's CPU?
If I'm dissembling the TT anyway I can cool it some extra and maybe push it a little

Thank you!