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Thread: Tell Me Its Not Bricked :( TT ONE XL HD Traffic 9.201SE

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    Tell Me Its Not Bricked :( TT ONE XL HD Traffic 9.201SE

    Read all the posts saying to people who ask which navcore to use to just "try it" and see. So I put the latest navcore I found (9.201SE) on to my TT One XL HD Traffic and followed the activation etc mentioned in the post with the download link. Put my map on (before running activation so it would activate both) and unplugged satnav. Turned it on. Please wait... Then blue/yellow bar, then Tomtom screen with the logo. Its stuck here. Not possible to turn off or connect to computer, and it has frozen for about 5-10 minutes. Im sure it didnt take this long before.

    Any help? Please?



    Reset button turns it off but same thing happens again except without the please wait screen.
    Using reset lets me access the files on the device. Tried version.txt, model.txt and the old ttsystem and tthome and ttgo files from my backup of my device when it was working, still nothing.

    Anyone know how I can get my device to turn on with this version of navcore?

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    Re: Tell Me Its Not Bricked :( TT ONE XL HD Traffic 9.201SE

    Just reload your backup. (You did make a backup before switching navcores, didn't you?)

    Otherwise consider trying a different navcore, such as 8.562 SE. It's what I currently use on my ONE model.
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