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Thread: Go 700 Best Navcore

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    Cool Go 700 Best Navcore

    Hi all,

    This subject has been covered before but it's been about a year since so I thought I'd ask people's recent success with the latest navcore.
    I'm on navcore 8.413 and like others on this forum, I see all the new 890 maps with metadata for only the latest navcore versions. I'm interested in putting every 890.4222 map on my 8GB CF card and installing it into the Go 700.
    To take away some shame, I did spend 540 pounds on the Go 700, 80 pounds on the iPhone app and have bought various services like traffic and map updates in the past. So I guess in some way I have given Tom Tom their well deserved wedge of cash. Now it's about keeping this amazing piece of kit alive.

    I'm hearing from some dated posts that 9.051 is what people find stable and others report GUI display problems, hang's, reboots and various other "issues"
    As the Go 700 is a magnificent piece of kit with double the processing power and memory of the 500 and 300, what can I push my little friend up to?

    The 890.4222 maps seem ideal because they have all the features and slightly smaller file sizes since they don't contain legacy code. The 890.4223 and 890.4224 lack some or all the features and hit you with a big file size premium so I'd like to avoid using them if possible.

    Can anyone recommend the best navcore for speed, the best for compatibility and the best for functionality.
    The Go 700 has great bluetooth I'd like to use for mapshare tethering so if that functionality could remain, that would be great.
    And if I could get Chinese maps working then I'd think It would complete my world on 8GB goal. However, I'm sure the Chinese data input method requires a more localised firmware. So no loss if I can't get China on it.
    I'm feeling that 890.xxxx or perhaps even 895.xxxx will be the last outing for my little device so I'd like to load it up, polish it and give it some well deserved usage before it finally gets boxed in favour of the iPhone.

    Any help appreciated and I hope some of you are keen to keep the best Tom Tom ever made, still alive

    - tonymac

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    Re: Go 700 Best Navcore


    I have Go700 just on my table - for 'clinical experiments'.
    Latest nc9 navcore which worked at all:
    1 - 9.151cce
    2 - 9.170 DSA pack

    If you want to use Chinese map - no problem by me - try to install any 9.1xx chinese navcore (9.138 for ex.) and after that (I think it won't start up, or will loop continuously) - put 9151/9170(of course - only adopted versions, not original/patched original) on top of it - suppose it will work as you like

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